The Science


In the image above we can see the historians in Elvegrimarne in wild pursuit of the Lost Ark. Ok, guys? Could we add some action to the scene please? This is supposed to be about the glorious life of the archaeologist...

Let's be honest....

Digging ... who doesn't love Indiana Jones?

Several of our members have studied (or still do) at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden to increase their knowledge and understanding of the archaeological material - ideas, concept and theory. In our own time we focus on practical and experimental archaeology. The driving force is ever increasing our knowledge of the nordic heritage, and always being open minded to new research, thoughts and ideas that can help us reconstruct the viking era.

There are many books on the viking era, both popular science and those aimed at a more informed group of readers. Elvegrimarne reads a lot, pretty much everything we can get our hands on. And we'll be happy to sort the better books from the worse ones for you.

Research articles

Cultural Transfer

Johan Thörnqvist's master thesis on the cultural relations and exchange between Scandinavians and the people of Eastern Europe in the Viking Age and the Early Middle Ages. To Russia, with love.


Mikael Hasteus' bachelor's degree archeology essay in viking age rainwear. Read all about what the vikings wore when the heavy storms rolled in. Speaking from personal experience these clothes still work just as well as any Goretex jacket.