Please note that the Battle of Hisingen event takes place June 7-8, 2014.

Friday Click

All day. Arrival, building camp and registration.

All day. Various Workshops will be held in parallell throughout the day.

10:00. Muster. Explaining the rules, dividing into teams, walkthrough of the battlefield.

11:00. Bell battle: a dynamic exercise in terrain.

12:00. Chest battle: capture the flag, but with chests.

13:00. Lunch.

14:00. Siege battle: defending and attacking a fort.

15:00. The Battle for Hisingen.

16:00. Fighting in terrain.

17:30. Warrior tournament.

20:00. Skald competition. All performers must tell the organizers if they want to participate latest saturday lunch.

21:00. Feast. Bring you bowl, knife, spoon and drinking vessel. During the party the new chieftain of Hisingen will be crowned, as well as individual prizes.

Sunday Click

10:00. Muster and warm-up.

11:00. Fighting in terrain.

13:00. Hold the Gate.

14:00. Archery competition.

Later. Thank you and goodbye. Cleaning of the camp and the journey homeward.