The things we do for..., beer, bacon, mead, singing, men, outrageous bling, women, coffee, dwarves, plunder, bacon... but let's not get carried away here. Find out what we're all about, and what we do when we're just being elvegrimare.
Reenactment Fighting

Besides recreating a historical period, crafting, research and camplife we also practice what we call reenactment fighting (fr. Swedish "Härkamp"). This is a martial art adapted to reenactment groups primarily using melee weapons.

Performing Arts

Elvegrimarne believes that the old norse poetry is an important aspect of any accomplished viking, and just by looking at great names in the viking era history you will find skalds and historians such as Snorre Sturlasson and Egil Skallagrimsson.

Historical Crafting

The crafting skills of the vikings held a very high standard and many of the techniques from then are still in use today. Elvegrimarne tries to reconstruct these techniques and we always have new upcoming projects in the pipe.

Sports and Athletics

The vikings loved competitions and athletics to the point where constantly bragging about how good you were in certain kind of game was a way of life. In other words, not much has changed in a thousand years. Some of these games have proven to be simple enough to reconstruct, and quite enjoyable to watch as well as play.

A Show to Remember

An important aspect of Elvegrimarne is to increase the knowledge of our nordic heritage, and especially the viking era history. By going to markets, shows, schools and museums to show our gear, discuss and lecture we strive to educate whoever is interested.

Just making sure.. did I mention bacon?
Far Away Lands

When traveling to markets and reenactment events we live days, sometimes weeks, in tents of the same make and model that were in use during the viking era. Under these circumstances we try to live as time typical as possible and learn as much as we can about viking era field conditions.


The group's goal is to promote old nordic crafts, sports and traditions for the purpose of knowledge preservation, enrichment and cultural dissemination. As such we hope to promote the understanding between different cultures, and to hinder the rootlessness and disorientation that spreads in todays multicultural society.

Scientific Research

Several of our members have studied (or still do) at the Institution of Archeology at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden to increase their knowledge and understanding of the archaeological material - ideas, concept and theory. In our own time we focus on practical and experimental archaeology.