History, bacon, outrageous bling. Over two decades of Viking Reenactment later... and we are still at it.

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Battle of Hisingen

As we like to say, Hisingen is Gothenburg. But is it really? This age old question has started many battles - past, present and future.

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Feel free to shoot us a question, just please refrain from using arrows.

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Oh, really?

No really. Oh really?

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Arr matey! And welcome to our port of call in the vast internet sea. Some may call it a seedy tavern that reeks of coffee and bacon. We just call it home. This is elvegrimarne, no more, no less.

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Besides recreating a historical period, crafting, research and camplife we also practice what we call reenactment fighting (fr. Swedish "Härkamp"). This is a martial art adapted to reenactment groups primarily using melee weapons.


The crafting skills of the vikings held a very high standard and many of the techniques from then are still in use today. Elvegrimarne tries to reconstruct these techniques and we always have new upcoming projects in the pipe.

Performing arts

Elvegrimarne believes that the old norse poetry is an important aspect of any accomplished viking, and just by looking at great names in the viking era history you will find skalds and historians such as Snorre Sturlasson.