Practical information

June 7-8, 2014. Participants are welcome from around lunch time Friday and may stay until Sunday.

The event is located in the northern part of Hisingen, outside Gothenburg (Sweden). The location is historically interesting and is ideally located for all participants from Scandinavia. There are flights to Gothenburg City Airport (Säve flygplats) from greater part of Europe. The airport is just a short ride by car from the event location.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for Battle of Hisingen please include if you are a warrior, non-warrior or tradesman, your primary weapons (for fighters), your arrival time and date, number and size of any tents, any special food specifications, allergies, or other medical issues and lastly your group name and contact person in your message.

All adult participants, including non-fighters, must pay the entry fee. Please make an advance payment of 250 SEK or 30 Euro to Swedish PG 937506-4.
(IBAN SE2395000099602609375064)

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We strive for authenticity during the event and all participants should have as authentic gear as possible. While your clothes and equipment are most likely based on actual archaeological findings we also ask you use only gear that fits together in a historical context, perhaps based on social class or geographical location. For instance if you are not portraying a huscarl most likely you would not wear chainmail, and we ask you to refrain from wearing a mishmash of slavic and Hedeby inspired clothes.


Breakfast and lunch will be served during Saturday and Sunday. During Saturday dinner will also be provided. Bring your own dinner bowl, drinking vessel, spoon and knife. Water will be served during all meals, if you want to drink anything else please bring it yourself.


The camp site will be available from Friday to Sunday. There will be water, toilets and two large common fireplaces with benches. During the evenings we gather by the fires to exchange tales, brag and share experiences. This is also the place where the feast will be held Saturday night.